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Constructionworks Resume Template Collection

The Perfect Choice Resume Template for Construction, Carpentry, and Building Tradespeople

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Template Details

Our Constructionworks Collection includes a resume template for people who work in construction, carpentry, and building trades.

People who work in the trades often need more room on their resumes to list specialized equipment skills, technology skills, and other specialized skills. The Constructionworks Resume Template is a simple but flexible resume template that was created with these needs in mind.

The Constructionworks coordinating documents bundle includes a resume addendum template that can be helpful for people who work in construction or building trades to provide additional skills and qualifications that would not fit on the resume, but may still be important. Resume addendums are optional, but if you use one you can either submit it along with your resume when you apply for a position or bring it with you to interviews as a leave-behind for the interviewer.

The coordinating document bundle also includes a coordinating references sheet. This document should never be submitted with your resume, but is a very professional way to provide your references at an interview.

The orange and brown color scheme seems especially appropriate, complementing the wood-grain sidebar graphic and front-page resume graphic. But the resume and all the documents take on a whole new look when you change the colors, which is as easy as a couple of mouse clicks. The sidebar in this template will not change colors as many others do, as it is filled with a graphic rather than color. However, it is possible to change the fill graphic if you wish.

No matter what profession you work in, a standout resume can make all the difference and the Constructionworks resume template will definitely help construction, carpentry, and building tradespeople do that.

As with all our template collections, MS Word is required.

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