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Consultscape Template Collection

A Consultant Resume Template that is a Great Choice for any Professional Who Performs Project-Based Work, Including Contractors and Freelancers

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Template Details

The Consultscape Resume Template is a good choice for consultants, contractors, or other professionals who do project-based work such as freelancers and people who work in the gig economy. It allows for details on each major project without overwhelming the reader.

Good consultant resume templates can be almost impossible to find. If a consultant or freelancer tries to use a resume formatted in a traditional chronological order, it can make them appear to be job hoppers. A chronologically formatted resume forces you to enter each client or project individually, making it appear as if each one was a separate employer.

A better way to present contract or project-based work is a format such as that offered in the Consultscape collection. A good consultant resume template will prompt you to enter the details of the entire period of contracting or consulting as a single employer, followed by a section for the details of each project, but without concern for chronology. This consultant resume template format provides the space to include all the relevant details but avoids the appearance of job-hopping.

The Consultscape biography and letterhead templates are designed to coordinate with our Consultscape resume template.

The orange color scheme of the Consultscape Collection is eye-catching, but can be changed easily with just a few mouse clicks, to a color scheme more in alignment with your personal brand. Microsoft Word is REQUIRED.

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