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Early Childhood Education Edge Resume Template Collection

Resume Template for Early Childhood Educators Including Preschool Teachers, Childcare Professionals, and Others

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Easily Change the Color Scheme of All Our Resume Templates

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Template Details

The Early Childhood Education Resume Template is designed for experienced professionals who work in early childhood education fields. This could include classroom preschool teachers including nursery school teachers and kindergarten teachers, childcare professionals, child daycare directors, after-school program coordinators, and many more.

If you love the Early Childhood Education resume template format but work in a different segment of the education industry, you can easily change the entire look and feel of Early Childhood Education Edge simply by changing the color scheme (as easy as a few mouse clicks) and changing the graphics. For examples of how you might do this, take a look at our Elementary Education Resume and Secondary Education Resume collections.

Resumes designed specifically for your industry help you to stand out and get attention. What colors best represent your industry or profession? Thinking about this question can help you choose a color scheme that helps to immediately focus your resume while aligning with the expectations of your industry and profession.

The bright pastel colors used in our Early Childhood Education Edge resume template and the coordinating documents within the whole collection were chosen purposely. While pink is the primary color chosen because it conveys youthfulness and playfulness, a pastel green, blue, yellow, or purple would be appropriate and look good as well.

The colorful handprint graphic in the upper corner and equally colorful colored pencil graphics at the bottom provide you with lots of flexibility in changing the other colors in the early childhood education resume template. Just remember to change the colors in the other documents–the resume addendum, references, and letterhead if you use them, so all the documents present a cohesive appearance.

The Early Childhood Education Edge Resume Template has been designed to provide ample room for keywords, but in a format that is both friendly for the human reader as well as for applicant tracking systems (ATS). The testimonials section on the second page of the early childhood education resume template is set up in a text box. If you apply for a position using the Word version of your resume and it is entered into an ATS, in most cases this will not be read. This means that you should include any important keywords in this section in the body of the resume too. The same is true of the Key Strengths graphic on the first page. If you apply for a position using the PDF version of your early childhood education resume, most ATS will “read” and parse the text in these graphics.

You may optionally purchase coordinating Early Childhood Education Edge resume addendum, references, and letterhead templates. Using all the templates available in the Early Childhood Education Edge Collection will allow you to present a cohesive and impeccably professional brand image.

Like all our templates, everything is easily customizable. Just copy and paste to add sections or rename or delete sections to make Early Childhood Education Edge your own.

MS Word is required to use all our templates.

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