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Misty Dawn Resume Template Collection

An Ideal Resume Template for Young Professionals

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Template Details

The Misty Dawn resume template for young professionals is structured to help graduating students and other young professionals with little employment experience make a great first impression for even the most competitive jobs.

Many times young professionals with little employment experience don’t know what to include on a resume. As a result, they try applying for jobs with a very unappealing resume with sparse information that does nothing to “sell” the employer why hiring them would be a good investment. This is a very poor strategy. While a young professional may land a job eventually with such a poor resume, a little effort in developing a stronger resume can have a dramatic positive impact.

Not only will a good resume template for young professionals give the job hunter a competitive edge and speed a job search, but it will also often result in a job offer at a higher salary. While a $5000 a year (for example) increase in a starting salary might not seem like much, realize that your last salary will usually play a role in the raises you receive as your career progresses. In other words, that $5000/year compounds. A young professional just getting started in a career may have at least 40 years of employment ahead of them. $5000 multiplied by 40 years = $200,000. Imagine! Just a little extra effort developing your resume as a young professional could be worth $200,000 or more in lifetime earnings.

Put in those terms, our Misty Dawn resume template for young professionals is a bargain! It will help young professionals stand out and be more competitive for the most lucrative and desirable positions.

The Misty Dawn biography and cover letter templates are designed to coordinate with our Misty Dawn Resume template. 

As with all our template collections, MS Word is required and the resume template is designed to be ATS-friendly. 

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