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Modern Transformation Template Collection

A Modern Resume Template Designed for Professionals Changing Careers

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Changing careers can be hard! Even more challenging is that most resume templates are designed for professionals with a traditional, linear career path. If you are changing careers it requires a resume template that helps you to call out relevant accomplishments and qualifications regardless of where they occurred in your work history.

On the other hand, you may have read that a functional format resume is the best for career changers. This is partially but not totally true. Functional format resumes are not favored by recruiters and cause problems with applicant tracking systems (ATS) that are designed to recognize a chronological work history.

Our Modern Transformations resume template for career-changing is a great compromise. While it includes a prominent section on the first page to call out transferable qualifications and accomplishments, it also includes a traditional reverse-chronological section for your employment history.

Again, much of the first page of the resume is taken up by a strong summary that will allow the career changer to be very selective in what he or she emphasizes. This is a perfect strategy for career changers. Just keep in mind that this resume may still choke some ATS systems. However, this might be an acceptable trade-off for those struggling to make a career change.

Including the correct keywords is also important when changing careers. The Modern Transformations resume template includes lots of space for including keywords. Not sure what to include as keywords in your resume? Try reviewing job descriptions. What qualifications are being sought in these? Many times, these will be the most important keywords to include.

The Modern Transformation biography and letterhead templates are designed to coordinate with our Modern Transformation resume template. Microsoft Word is REQUIRED.

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