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Next Steps Resume Template Collection

A Classic Format Resume Template for Students and Others With Limited Work Experience

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Template Details

The Next Steps Resume Template is a classic format resume template that is especially good as a student resume template or for others who have limited or even no work experience.

While the dark red and gray color scheme gives the classic format resume template a modern flair that will stand out and get attention, it can be changed easily to any color scheme you wish.

With space to highlight major highlights that qualify you for the type of work you are targeting, plus lots of room to include qualifications and to fit even more keywords in by listing coursework completed and technical skills, this classic format resume template will help ensure your resume is keyword optimized.

If you have no work experience you may wonder what to include in your resume. While this classic format resume template includes an experience section, this space can be used in a variety of ways. For example, you could list volunteer experience here or experience gained through an internship. It doesn’t matter how or where you obtained the experience, it just matters that you did. You could even include experience that you gained on some large academic projects. Just be careful not to “pad” your resume with irrelevant details. Always frame and present your experience in a way that is relevant to the type of job you are targeting.

The Next Steps classic format resume template is ATS compatible. The only graphical element on the resume is the box overlaying the name and contact info section (everything else is simply shading rather than graphics). Most ATS systems can handle graphics easily and will simply skip them and read the underlying text.

The Next Steps references dossier, biography template, and letterhead template are designed to coordinate with our Next Steps Resume template.

As with all our template collections, MS Word is required.

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