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Trailblazer Resume Template Collection

Unique Resume Template with a Bold & Eye-Catching Appearance

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Template Details

The Trailblazer Resume Template is a unique resume template for MS Word with an eye-catching appearance that can be easily customized to be as bold as you want with a simple color change. While we’ve used a gold color, almost any color looks good with black. Try an understated, sophisticated blue or a bright red. The format is appropriate for almost any professional or executive.

The curved Key Strengths graphic won’t be picked up by an ATS, so make sure you repeat any keywords elsewhere in the document.

The Trailblazer Resume Template will also help you with your keyword optimization if you follow the recommendations in the ATS-compliant resume template which includes lots of space for keywords to be included. The text to the right of the graphic is just that: text. This will be “read” into an ATS

We’ve used a variety of strategies in this unique resume template, to draw the eye to accomplishments and results. An example is the shaded boxes under each employment experience section of this resume template. This gives you a place to showcase and draw the readers’ eyes to the most significant big-picture ways that you produced results and delivered value to your employers.

It is always best to be succinct in a resume and this unique resume template encourages this with one-line bulleted results. This resume will look best if you put some effort into carefully editing each accomplishment so that you can convey the most important parts in just one line each. However, if you need more room, this unique resume template can be easily expanded.

Adaptable for a variety of circumstances, this resume template will help give a diversity of executives and professionals an instant competitive edge.

Like all our templates, everything, including the color scheme, is easily customizable. The Trailblazer resume takes on a whole new “look and feel” when you change the colors.

The Trailblazer executive biography template and letterhead template are designed to coordinate with our Trailblazer Resume template.

As with all our template collections, MS Word is required.

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