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Windowpanes Resume Template Collection

An ATS-Compliant Resume Template With a Sophisticated Look

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Template Details

The Windowpanes Resume Template is an ATS-compliant resume template that has a really sophisticated and understated appearance that can be easily customized to be as bold as you want, with a simple color change. The format is appropriate for almost any professional or executive.

There are so many myths and misunderstandings about ATS-compliant resume templates. Virtually all modern applicant tracking systems can handle graphics with ease. The ATS will simply “skip” the graphic and move on to the text. Of course this means that the words you insert in the graphic in the upper left of the Windowpanes template won’t “count” as keywords in the ATS. If you think those words are important as keywords, the solution is to make sure you repeat the words in the body of the resume.

The Windowpanes Resume Template will also help you with your keyword optimization if you follow the recommendations in the ATS-compliant resume template which includes lots of space for keywords to be included.

In fact the technique we’ve used in this template, of highlighting key phrases at the start of each bulleted result statement is not only a great way of working more keywords into your ATS-compliant resume, it also makes your resume more readable and attractive for the human reader. This is, of course, the goal whenever you use an ATS-compliant resume template: not only are you trying to ensure compatibility with applicant tracking systems, you are trying to make sure your resume is eye-catching and attention-getting for the human reader.

Easily adaptable for a variety of circumstances, this resume template will help give a diversity of executives and professionals an instant competitive edge.

Like all our templates, everything, including the color scheme, is easily customizable. The Windowpanes resume takes on a whole new “look and feel” when you change the colors.

The Windowpanes executive biography template and letterhead template are designed to coordinate with our Windowpanes Resume template.

As with all our template collections, MS Word is required.

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