Abundance Resume Template

The Abundance Resume Template is a great choice for a board of directors resume template or for any professional or executive. The gold color scheme has a sophisticated look but can be easily changed with the press of a button. Microsoft Word is REQUIRED.


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Abundance Coordinating Documents

The Abundance biography and resume cover letter templates are designed to coordinate with our Abundance resume template. The entire collection is flexible and adaptable for use by almost any experienced professional, executive, or board candidate. Microsoft Word is REQUIRED.

A Sophisticated Resume Template for Board Candidates & Experienced Professionals

The Abundance Resume Template is a great choice as a sophisticated resume template for a board candidate or any other experienced professional or executive.

This sophisticated resume template includes lots of space to call out your personal brand and differentiating strengths and accomplishments.

The graphic in the right corner can be easily customized with your top three personal brand traits. This graphic will be ignored by applicant tracking systems, so if the brand traits are important for keyword purposes, they should be repeated somewhere in the body text.

The Key Qualifications section, as well as the Personal Brand statement section, are made using white text in the body of the resume (meaning it will be “read” by an ATS) overlaid with gold boxes. These gold boxes will be ignored by ATS too, while the text under them will be “read.” ATS-compatible resumes do NOT need to be plain and generic. A sophisticated resume template like Abundance CAN be ATS compatible as long as it is properly constructed.

The gold coloring of Abundance adds to its sophisticated eye appeal, but you can make it your own and customize the colors easily, to match your personal brand. The Abundance resume takes on a whole new “look and feels” when you change the colors and you can easily change the colors of the biography template and letterhead template to match as well.

Like all our templates, everything is easily customizable. Just copy and paste to add sections or rename or delete sections to make Abundance your own.

Available separately, the Abundance executive biography template and letterhead template are designed to coordinate with our Abundance Resume template. See all templates in the collection:

As with all our template collections, MS Word is required.

Easily Change the Color Scheme of All Our Resume Template

Sophisticated Resume Templates Change Colors


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