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Bold Solutions Resume Template

The Bold Solutions Resume Template uses a traditional layout made modern with colors and a content layout that will help you tell the success stories of your career. The colors are easily changed with the press of a button. Microsoft Word is REQUIRED.


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Bold Solutions Coordinating Documents

The Bold Solutions biography, references, and letterhead templates are designed to coordinate with our Bold Solutions resume template. The entire collection is flexible and adaptable for use by almost any experienced professional or executive. Microsoft Word is REQUIRED.

A Modern Executive Resume Template with Optional Coordinating Executive Biography, References & Letterhead Templates

The Bold Solutions Modern Executive Resume Template uses a traditional layout made modern by a structure that encourages a focus on challenges, actions, and results. With lots of room to call out both accomplishments and keywords, Bold Solutions is a great choice as a modern executive resume template suitable for executives, experienced professionals, board of director candidates, and others.

The best professional resumes tell a story of career success and potential. A common technique used by professional resume writers is to focus in the resume content on the situation, problem, or challenge, the action taken to meet those challenges or solve those problems, and the results of those actions (known as the CAR approach to resume writing)

Stories make your resume compelling to read and memorable and make it easy for the prospective employer to relate to the benefits and value you would deliver if they were to hire you for their company. Many modern executive resume templates make it hard to fit your story into the rigid structure provided. This is not the case with Bold Solutions. The layout of the Bold Solutions modern executive resume template will help you to document your experience in challenge, action, result in a storytelling format.

The Bold Solutions resume template also uses other design techniques that help call out the key points of the resume, including the shaded boxes that emphasize and draw the eye to your value proposition and major contributions in each recent position.

The red and black color scheme was chosen intentionally to be bold and eye-catching. These colors convey brand traits such as strength, energy, vibrant, dynamic, confidence, authority, power, and control. This makes them ideal colors to use on a modern resume template intended for executives.

However, with just a few mouse clicks you can change the entire look and feel of Bold Solutions by changing the color theme. Instructions on how to do this are provided.

Available separately, the Bold Solutions executive biography template, references template, and letterhead template are designed to coordinate with our Bold Solutions Resume template. See all the templates in the collection:

As with all our template collections, MS Word is required.


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