Ocean Mist Resume Template

The Ocean Mist Resume template is adaptable and easily customized, with a format suitable for any professional or executive.  There is lots of space to include important keywords and your most impressive accomplishments. Microsoft Word is REQUIRED.


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Ocean Mist Coordinating Documents

The Ocean Mist biography and resume cover letter templates are designed to coordinate with our Ocean Mist resume template. The entire template collection is appropriate for any professional or executive. Microsoft Word is REQUIRED.

Adaptable Resume Template Easily Customized for a Diversity of Professionals

The adaptable resume template in the Ocean Mist Collection can be easily modified and customized, making it a format suitable for almost any professional or executive. 

The format of this adaptable resume template is specifically designed to help you tell your impressive career stories and showcase your professional accomplishments.  In modern resumes, keywords are absolutely essential and another bonus of this adaptable template is all the space for keywords that are important in your industry or profession. When a recruiter searches for a candidate, you must make sure that your resume includes the keywords describing the qualifications they are searching for. While the design and structure are two important factors in the ATS compatibility of a resume, keywords are equally important.

The Value Offered Highlights section is another key factor adding to the adaptability of this resume template. This section allows you to call accomplishments to the forefront of your resume regardless of where they appear in your work history. This is a "trick of the trade" that many professional resume writers use when the job seeker they are working with has accomplishments that might otherwise be buried on the second page.

The blue-green color scheme can be changed easily, to make it your own. Most resume templates on the market do not allow for color changes, yet this is an important feature that should be possible with any adaptable resume template. All Distinctive Resume Templates make it easy for you to change the colors with just a few mouse clicks. 

Available separately, the Ocean Mist biography and cover letter templates are designed to coordinate with our Ocean Mist Resume template. See all templates in the collection:

As with all our template collections, MS Word is required and the resume template is designed to be ATS-friendly. 


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