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Paisley Performance Resume Template

The Paisley Performance Resume template is designed for experienced professionals and executives. The format and design is traditional with a timeless appeal that is easily adaptable for a wide variety of needs. Microsoft Word is REQUIRED.


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Paisley Performance Coordinating Documents

The Paisley Performance biography, references, and resume cover letter templates are designed to coordinate with our Paisley Performance resume template. The entire template collection has been created for the use of professionals and executives. Microsoft Word is REQUIRED.

Traditional Resume Template with Timeless Appeal

The Paisley Performance resume template offers a traditional format and design with timeless appeal. Developed for Microsoft Word, this traditional resume template includes an initials monogram that can easily be customized with your own initials. It is designed to be a very flexible resume template for experienced professionals and executives that is suitable for use across a variety of professions and industries. This is also a good choice as a board resume template.

Traditional resume templates typically include a summary section followed by a professional experience section, and then an education section near the end of the resume content. Additional sections such as a professional affiliations section, technology skills section, board appointments section, or others can be added as appropriate. Paisley Performance is designed with this traditional structure, but you can easily make it your own by changing the names of sections and creating new sections.

The butterscotch-toned colors of Paisley Performance are well suited for a traditional resume template, but this too can be easily customized to use colors reflective of your personal brand and tastes. Paisley Performance takes on a new “look and feel” when you change the colors. Here are a few possibilities:

traditional resume template color choices

A popular design element for traditional resume templates is a monogram block in which you can include your initials. The monogram block at the top of the Paisley Performance templates can be easily customized with your own initials, and there is room for three initials if you use a middle initial.

Even though the resume template makes use of a very traditional format, it includes contemporary touches to help improve readability, such as the shaded key highlights box in each professional experience section, and the key responsibilities section bordered by lines. As you write the resume, follow the prompts to create an accomplishment-focused resume written in the storytelling format that is also keyword optimized.

Available separately, the Paisley Performance biography template, references template, and letterhead template are designed to coordinate with our Paisley Performance Resume template. See all the templates in the collection:

Like all our templates for MS Word, everything is easily customizable. Just copy and paste to add sections or rename or delete sections to make Paisley Performance your own.

Microsoft Word is required to use all our templates.


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