• Perfect for creating a resume for project management professionals, this resume template is ATS-friendly and easy to customize in MS Word.  Prompts and tips throughout the template make writing your project manager resume easy!
  • The consulting resume template in the Consultscape Collection has been specifically designed for consultants, contractors, and other professionals who do project-based work. That means it has all the space you need to list your major projects, plus details on each one so clients can see exactly what you did and how well you did it. Just open it in Microsoft Word, make your changes, and voila! You're ready to send out that winning resume.
  • This project manager resume template is the perfect choice for any professional who works in project management jobs, consulting engagements, contract jobs, or other project-oriented work. The format is set up to showcase the highlights of each major project rather than a more traditional chronology. Designed for MS Word and ATS friendly.
  • Our Trendsetter Consulting Resume Template is the perfect choice for people who work in business and strategy consulting, especially those who work on a freelance basis doing project-based or gig-based work. It allows for details on each major project without overwhelming the reader. Microsoft Word is required.


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