Widely recognized as one of the industry’s longest-standing resume writing companies and an industry pioneer on the internet, Distinctive Career Services is respected for our unmatched expertise, quality, and commitment to clients. Originally launched on the internet as Distinctive Documents, since 1996, we have met the resume development and career marketing needs of well over 10,000 discriminating professionals in all 50 U.S. states and internationally.

Renowned for our highly personalized and uncompromisingly professional services, we create powerful, engaging resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and other career marketing documents that are infused with your brand, tell your compelling career stories, convey your professional value, and empower you to stand out confidently, get attention, be more competitive, and achieve your highest career goals.

About Distinctive Resume Templates


Design a life that you will love! Michelle Dumas is a firm believer in building a career that is in alignment with your passions. In 1996, in a move that put her on a path to fulfilling her own career and life dreams, she founded Distinctive Career Services (formerly Distinctive Documents). With a background in counseling psychology, a gift for story telling and writing, and a natural intuitiveness that allows her to see the best in everyone, career coaching and resume writing were an ideal profession for her.

Michelle’s mission: to empower as many people as possible with the tools, resources, and confidence they need to  pursue and achieve their own dream careers. Today, nearly a quarter-century later, having positively impacted the lives of well over 10,000 individuals in all 50 U.S. states and internationally, that mission remains unchanged but her impact has increased as she has expanded and grown the Distinctive Career Services team.

With decades of experience, numerous national awards for resume writing, and extensive credentials, Michelle herself is one of the industry’s most respected leaders and foremost experts. Harnessing her passion for helping as many people as possible achieve their highest professional aspirations within meaningful and rewarding careers, Michelle has brought together industry masterminds in an unprecedented, collaborative team effort to deliver top‐notch quality and service for EVERY client of Distinctive Career Services.  She has assembled a handpicked team of the industry’s top professional resume writers, LinkedIn writers, and career coaches and oversees every project, consulting with the writing team on branding, document design, and content strategy.


Continuous learning is one of our company core values. With the increasing importance of technology in the job search process, our industry is changing rapidly. We eagerly take advantage of opportunities to remain on the cutting-edge of trends, to provide the best possible return on investment to our clients. Just some of the many certifications earned by Michelle Dumas and the team of Distinctive Career Services writers and coaches, include:

About Distinctive Resume Templates

Other certifications held by the team of resume writers and career coaches on the Distinctive Career Services team include: Professional Certified Coach; Authorized DISC Administrator and Behavioral Consultant; Certified Job Search Specialist; Credentialed Career Manager; Master Resume Writer; Certified Career Transition Coach; Certified Executive Resume Master; and Certified Master Resume Writer.


National and international awards programs recognize the best-of-the-best in the professional resume writing industry. Michelle and her Distinctive Career Services/Distinctive Documents team combined have won dozens of awards from the National Resume Writers Association (NRWA), Professional Association of Resume Writers (PARW),  and Career Directors International (CDI). Michelle Dumas served as the 2018 Chair of the NRWA ROAR Awards and participated on the ROAR Awards Committee in 2015 and 2016. Some of the many key wins include:

About Distinctive Resume Templates


The industry’s top professional resume writers are often called upon to contribute to books on job searching and resume writing. Michelle’s resumes and the resumes written by many writers on the Distinctive Career Services team have been published in dozens of books, including:

About Distinctive Resume Templates
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