One page resume templates

These one-page resume templates are professionally designed to make it fast and easy to create a modern networking resume, also known as a career value profile.  These one-page documents are not ATS-friendly and do not replace your traditional resume or traditional bio. Instead, they are designed to be an elevator pitch on paper, crafted to introduce you to professional contacts in a clear, direct, and persuasive manner. It merges the narrative appeal of a professional biography with the structured detail of a chronological resume, all condensed into a one-page document that highlights your most compelling attributes.

These one-page resume templates are easy to customize and edit in Microsoft Word then export to PDF. They are particularly useful in scenarios where a full resume might be too detailed or a narrative bio might lack the immediate impact of a succinct summary. will help you present a professional image and make a great impression with all of your professional contacts. Each of our one-page networking resume templates corresponds to a matching professional resume template and also comes with other matching, branded career documents such as a letterhead template, professional references sheet template, and in many cases, a matching designer biography template or resume addendum template.

Microsoft Word is required to use our Distinctive one-page resume templates for networking. Microsoft Word is the preferred file format for resumes and other career documents and all our templates are designed specifically for Microsoft Word. We do not recommend using Canva, Illustrator, Google Docs, Pages or other applications to create your one-page resume as these file formats make them difficult to share and keep updated.

Remember that you should never use a one-page networking resume as a replacement for your traditional ATS-friendly resume. They are designed instead to complement your resume. Here are some situations in which this one-page format shines:

  • Networking Events: Ideal for quick exchanges, allowing you to leave a memorable impression without overwhelming new contacts with too much information.
  • Informational Interviews: Provides a concise overview of your background, perfect for exploratory discussions about industry trends, opportunities, and advice.
  • Career Transitions: Helps you articulate your value proposition for a career change into a new field or industry, focusing on transferable skills and achievements.
  • Pursuit of Board Seats: Increasingly used for board candidacy submissions, offering a clear snapshot of your qualifications and potential contributions to a board.
  • Interview Leave-Behinds: Acts as a succinct summary of your career highlights and unique value, serving as a tangible reminder for interviewers or hiring managers after a meeting.
  • LinkedIn Profile Downloads: Offers LinkedIn connections and viewers the opportunity to download a comprehensive yet concise document detailing your professional journey and accomplishments, enhancing online networking and visibility.
  • Professional Speaking Engagements: A handy tool for speakers to distribute to attendees, encapsulating your expertise and background, and facilitating follow-up connections.
  • Workshops and Seminars: Useful for presenters and participants alike, providing a quick reference to professional backgrounds and fostering networking opportunities among attendees.
  • Personal Branding: A strategic component of your personal branding toolkit, reinforcing your professional narrative and value proposition across various platforms and interactions.
  • Consulting and Advisory Roles: When seeking freelance gigs or offering consulting or advisory services, it succinctly communicates your experience and areas of expertise, aligning with potential projects.

The one-page networking resume / value profile offers a modern and strategic approach to personal branding and networking. By combining the narrative depth of a biography with the clarity and focus of a resume, it offers a versatile tool for professionals seeking to articulate their value in the workplace and beyond. Whether used at networking events, in informational interviews, or as part of a board application, a one-page networking resume can significantly enhance your visibility and impact as a candidate.