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If you’re in the process of updating your resume for a job search, you may run across mention of a document called a resume addendum. In our professional resume writing practice, we have often created an addendum to a resume for our job-seeking clients and then coached those job seekers on the best ways to use the addendum in the job market.

We’ve found resume addendums to be so helpful to our clients that we’ve included optional resume addendum templates in many of our resume template collections.

Simple Resume Addendum Template For Word

From our Simplicity Redefined Collection, this resume addendum is a great complement to the simple resume template, providing space for all your qualifications

Board Director Resume Addendum Template

As a supplement to the board director resume template in our Avante Board Director Collection, this resume addendum is a standout.

High School Teacher Resume Addendum Template

Teachers will find this resume addendum to be a job-winning addition to the high school teacher resume template in our Secondary Education Edge Collection.

Addendums to a resume are useful job search documents that can be helpful in a job search. But, not many job hunters even know what they are, never mind how to use them. So, if you are scratching your head, wondering exactly what a resume addendum is, you aren’t alone.

What Is a Resume Addendum?

The answer is simple. A resume addendum is simply an additional career document, usually no longer than one page (although it can be longer), that serves as a supplement for and complement to your resume. However, the addendum isn’t just an extension of your resume. Instead, it is a standalone document, separate from your resume. You can think about it the same way you might think about your biography if you have one. A professional bio, like a resume addendum, is an entirely separate document from your resume.

Let me explain…

Advice from professional resume writers is almost unanimous in that it is best if your resume is no longer than two pages. Recruiters and employers scan resumes for mere seconds, and your job is to write a resume that is so eye-catching, concise, and easy to read that you capture their attention in these few seconds and draw them in for a deeper read. Distinctive Resume Templates help greatly with creating a resume that accomplishes these goals.

But, let’s face it. Suppose you have a career that has lasted longer than even a few years. In that case, two pages aren’t much space to present all the information about your experience and accomplishments that may interest an employer.

Creating a resume addendum, separate from your resume, provides you with the space and format to promote this additional information that didn’t fit on your resume without making your resume too long and hard to read.

Engineering Resume Addendum Template

This resume addendum complements the engineering resume template in the Engineering Edge Collection.

Constructionworks Resume Addendum

This resume addendum complements the construction resume template in the ConstructionWorks Collection.

Teacher Resume Addendum Template

This resume addendum complements the teacher resume template from the TeacherWorks Collection.

Is An Addendum Right For My Resume?

Not everyone needs a resume addendum. Employers and recruiters are busy. The last thing job hunters should do is waste their time with extra documents filled with irrelevant and unnecessary detail.

But, if you have put your best effort into editing your resume material and still struggle to fit all your professional credentials on a two-page resume, a resume addendum may be a good solution for you.

What Should I Include In My Resume Addendum?

As you can see from the example resume addendums shown here, you can use resume addendums for a variety of situations. Here are some common uses:

  • Listing specific technical skills and competencies on a technical resume, such as an IT resume. For example, you could list programming languages, software, or other tech tools you have experience with.

  • Listing published works such as articles, books, or blog posts that you have published.

  • Listing presentations or speaking engagements, including conferences, webinars, and podcasts.

  • Listing additional information about your awards and any special honors or recognition.

  • Listing specialized training you have completed or specialized certifications you have earned. If you are a recent graduate, you can use an addendum to include information about your GPA, class standing, and other relevant academic achievements.

  • Detailing projects that you have worked on.

  • Telling relevant STAR stories that didn’t fit on your resume.

  • Detailing boards you have served on and your accomplishments and positions with each.

  • Detailing relevant volunteer work or internships.

Be sure to include only relevant and important information in your resume addendum. Just because you have the extra space does not mean you should “dump” information on it without thought for relevancy.

Including irrelevant information on your addendum is disrespectful to the employer’s time. This is not the first impression and professional image you want to convey.

How Do I Use a Resume Addendum?

Once you create your own resume addendum, how would you use it? First, remember to use your resume addendum to supplement and complement your resume, not as a replacement for it.

In rare situations, when you are sure the information in the resume addendum is essential to your qualifications for a job opening, you can submit your addendum along with your resume. But, these opportunities will be few and far between. Therefore, it is more common to use your resume addendum very selectively.

Rather than submitting your resume addendum at the same time as you submit your resume for a job opening, bring it with you to the interview. It will help make you more memorable and will reinforce your qualifications for the job. This approach also has the advantage of making you look extra prepared.

Don’t just give the interviewer your resume addendum unsolicited. Whether you are interviewing in person or virtually, inform the interviewer that you have an addendum available with more information about X and then ask if they would like a copy. If so, hand it to them (in person) or follow up immediately after the interview with your addendum attached to an email (if virtual).

How Can I Add an Addendum to My Resume?

While it is hard to tell from standalone resume addendum examples, you will make the best and most professional first impression by matching the design of your resume addendum to your resume design and style. Of course, the same is true for your cover letter and any other career documents.

Of course, the first choice is always to hire a professional resume writing firm like Distinctive Career Services. If you decide to go it alone, you may try to create an addendum to your resume by viewing and emulating resume addendum examples. But, the fastest and easiest way is to use a template from one of our countless resume template collections that include an addendum in the bundle.

Choose the Best Resume Addendum Template For You

Our bundles of templates ensure that you can enter the job market with confidence, with an entire portfolio of coordinating career documents that will provide you with an immediate competitive edge. For example, many of our template collections include a resume, cover letter, professional bio, and references templates, while others include resume addendums.

Here then, are a few more customer-favorite collections that include resume addendums.

Blue Collar Resume Addendum Template

Resume addendum complementing the blue-collar resume template in the Blue Collar Collection.

Executive Assistant Resume Addendum Template

Resume addendum complementing the executive assistant resume template that is part of the Promotable Collection.

Resume Addendum Template for IT and Computer Professions

Resume addendum complementing this resume template for IT and computer professions, part of the ComputerWorks Collection.

Administrative Resume Addendum Template

Resume addendum complementing the administrative resume template in the AdministrativeWorks Collection.

Skills-Based Resume Addendum Template

Resume addendum complementing the skills-based resume template in the Core Skills Collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a resume addendum?

A resume addendum is an extra document that goes along with your resume. It’s a separate piece of paper that provides more details about your experience and skills. It’s like a bonus chapter to your resume, giving you more space to showcase what you’ve accomplished in your career.

Why would I need a resume addendum?

If your career has been quite lengthy or you’ve achieved a lot, sometimes two pages just aren’t enough to capture all that you have done. A resume addendum allows you to add more detail without making your resume too long or difficult to read. It’s a handy tool if you’re struggling to fit all your credentials on a two-page resume.

What kind of information should I put on a resume addendum?

Your resume addendum should contain significant and relevant information that didn’t fit on your main resume. This could include things like specific technical skills, a list of your published works, details about any presentations you’ve given, additional information about your awards and honors, or any specialized training you’ve completed. But remember, everything you include should be important to the job you’re applying for.

How do I use a resume addendum effectively?

Typically, it’s best to bring your resume addendum with you to a job interview, rather than sending it in with your initial application. This way, you can offer it to the interviewer if they’d like more information about a particular aspect of your career. By doing this, you show that you’re prepared and organized, and it helps you stand out in the interviewer’s mind.

How do I create a resume addendum?

There are a couple of ways to create a resume addendum. You can hire a professional resume writing service, or you can make one yourself. If you decide to do it yourself, try to make the design and style match your resume for a more professional look. You can also use a resume template that includes an addendum.

Should everyone include a resume addendum in their job application?

No, not everyone needs a resume addendum. It’s an extra document, so you should only use it if you have a lot of relevant information that doesn’t fit on your standard two-page resume. If you include unnecessary details in an addendum, it could come across as a waste of the employer’s time, which isn’t the impression you want to give.

Is it OK to include personal stories in my resume addendum?

Yes, but only if they’re relevant to the job you’re applying for. These could be STAR stories – situations where you faced a challenge, took action, and achieved a result. This helps to highlight your skills and experience in a more engaging way. But remember to keep it professional and relevant.

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