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The Easy Way to Transform Your Boring, Generic Resume into an Attention-Getting Masterpiece — in Less Than ONE Hour!

Professional Resume Templates

A GREAT resume ALWAYS begins with GREAT content, but if your content is already written, our professional resume templates / professional CV templates will propel your resume to the next level, providing you with a clear competitive advantage and ultimately saving you heaps of time and money, potentially slashing days, weeks, or even months off your job search. If you can copy and paste, you can use these resume templates. It’s really that simple!

Professionally Designed Word Resume Templates by Distinctive Resume Templates

Distinctive Resume Templates are the Difference Between ORDINARY and EXTRAORDINARY!


Our Professionally Designed Resume Templates Are Your Solution!

Created for BOTH:

Admit it. You have the obligatory resume written and sitting on your hard drive.

But if you are honest with yourself, you know you aren’t happy with it.

Maybe you even HATE IT!

Every time you think of sending it out the ANXIETY starts to build because you know in your heart that it just doesn’t stack up to your competition.

It DEFINITELY doesn’t pass the 5-second scan test! The plain, black and white text is DENSE and hard to read. The format and design is dull, boring, GENERIC. Worse, it looks outdated and old-fashioned!

Why would anyone stop to read it?

There is no denying it. We are in the most competitive job market of our lifetimes! You know you need to up your game with your resume or GET LOST IN THE CROWD.

Then complicating things even more…you’ve heard about Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS for short) and have that read your resume needs to be formatted in specific ways to be ATS COMPATIBLE. But you have absolutely no idea what that means or how to do that!

You just know that If it isn’t ATS-friendly, you are DOOMED. Your resume will NEVER get you to the next step…Even if you are the most qualified candidate!

Are you tired of over-spending hours hunched over your keyboard worrying yourself sick over a resume you are creating for a client, WASTING TIME and falling further and further behind in your work because you just CAN’T GET IT RIGHT?!

Do you get a SINKING feeling of feel INSECURITY in your stomach when you see the resumes produced by your peers? Do you WORRY that you could be LOSING BUSINESS to your competitors who know how to create modern, eye-catching resumes?

Do you WASTE precious time tweaking fonts and tabs and color schemes, getting more and more FRUSTRATED trying to get everything lined up properly, experimenting with charts and graphs and graphic elements, but are NEVER HAPPY with the end product?

Are you committed to creating ATS-friendly resumes for your clients but are CONFUSED about what it acceptable and what is not and are concerned about MESSING THIS UP for your client because you aren’t sure how all the design elements ATS compatibility?

As a professional resume writer myself, with more than 25 years in the industry, I TOTALLY understand!

You know your writing skills are top notch, but you know that writing alone isn’t enough anymore…you need to take things up a notch but you DON’T KNOW HOW!! I felt the same way a number of years ago, when I began to notice the trend to more graphical and colorful resumes.

We are professional WRITERS! Graphic design and technical skills were not part of the job description!

I have spent YEARS experimenting, taking online classes, and researching…learning what works for my clients and what doesn’t work. Now, I am turning my favorite designs into templates so that YOU don’t have to go through the same grief. So that you can DO WHAT YOU DO BEST…WRITE!

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What if you had a set of custom-designed professional resume templates that were not just eye-catching and attractive, but also super easy to use to completely refresh your resume appearance? Even better, what if these templates were pre-formatted to be ATS-friendly?

How would things be different?


OR, as a PROFESSIONAL RESUME WRITER, you could focus on what you do best…WRITING RESUMES…confident that you are staying on the cutting-edge, producing competitive resumes that give your clients all the advantages above!

Professional Resume, Biography & Letterhead Templates

Created by Michelle Dumas, a 6X certified, 7X award-winning professional resume writer and nationally recognized resume consultant with more than 25 years of experience, Distinctive Resume Template Collections include optional matching cover letter templates and professional biography templates. Many of the complementary template bundles also include other career templates, such as templates for networking resumes, resume addendums, and professional references sheets. Each template is designed strategically to draw the eye to your most important qualifications and accomplishments, giving you a competitive edge in even the most competitive job markets.

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