Entry-level Resume Templates


Entry-Level Resume Templates for Students and Other Young Professionals

Candidates for entry-level jobs need to do everything they can to stand out and make the best first impression. Most entry-level resume templates make students and other entry-level job candidates look like they created a resume using a cookie cutter. As a result, instead of helping you stand out and get attention, they make you blend in with a generic-looking resume. Distinctive Resume Templates are different! We create premium, custom-designed entry-level resume templates that are easily edited and customized in Microsoft Word. They even have entry-level resume writing tips and prompts throughout. They are so easy to use you can create a standout, ATS-friendly, highly competitive, job-winning resume in minutes.

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Tips for Writing Your Entry-Level Resume

Created specifically as college graduate resume templates, high school graduate resume templates, and as resume templates for entry-level job candidates, the resume templates in this collection are all in a format that is perfect for students, new graduates, or other entry-level professionals with little-to-no job experience.

These are all one-page resume templates, but can easily be expanded to a second page if you need one. We include video tutorials to show you how to easily change the color scheme, move sections of the resume around, or even add new sections to make the resume your own. These blog posts on writing your first resume and on how to make the most of it when you don’t have much experience and job searching as a new graduate might be helpful, as well. We also recommend the 30-Day Job Search Jumpstart program.

What qualifies these resumes as entry-level resume templates? If you compare these templates to the resume templates in our collection for more experienced professionals, you’ll notice that a key difference is the placement of education on the resume.

Think of your resume as a pyramid, with the most important qualifications showcased at the top of the pyramid. Educational credentials and courses completed are often the most relevant qualifications offered by entry-level job hunters and students with little employment history. Thus, in these entry-level resume templates education is placed above the work history section of the resume. These entry-level resume examples created for college students, illustrate these ideas in practice.

If you love one of these entry-level resume templates but are more experienced, you can still adapt them for your use. You will just need to cut and paste to change the order of the education and experience sections of the resume.

Bundled Student & Entry-Level Templates

Save more than 20% on our bundle of 8 student and entry-level template collections, each including an ATS-friendly resume template, bio template, references template, and cover letter template; 32 individual document templates total, each designed specifically for the unique needs of students and entry-level professionals.  Developed for MS Word, our student and entry-level resume templates are all flexible, customizable, and easy to use. The color schemes can be changed with just a few mouse clicks.

Our Premier Student and Entry-Level Templates Bundle was created with the professional resume writers using our templates with their clients in mind, especially those who work with students and other entry-level professionals. Do what you do best–WRITE–and leave the design worries to us, confident that you are giving your clients cutting-edge, ATS-friendly designs that will launch their careers successfully. Normally $192 separately. Buy the entry-level resume templates as a bundle, save money, and have more options! See what’s included: Bright Entry | Career Propellant | Fireside | Fresh Start | Frontier | Future Focus | Next Steps | Powerlift