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Ambitions Resume Template Collection

A Professional & Executive Resume Template for MS Word Plus Coordinating Biography, References, and Cover Letter Templates

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Template Details

The Ambitions Resume Template for MS Word is designed for experienced professionals and executives and is suitable for use across a wide range of industries.

Resume templates made for MS Word should be structured using elements that are applicant tracking system (ATS) friendly. Unfortunately, many of the free resume templates made for MS Word are not ATS compatible (this is not true of OUR free resume template – if you haven’t downloaded it yet, do it today!). This means that unsuspecting job seekers who use these templates may lose out on many opportunities regardless of how well qualified they are, simply because their resume is unable to be parsed and stored in an ATS.

While complex tables used to set up the layout in many resume templates for MS Word are NOT ATS-friendly, simple tables ARE ATS-friendly and can be very helpful in setting up attractive resume layouts that are easy to read. The Ambitions resume template uses three simple, ATS-friendly, two-column tables in the Achievement Highlights section.

The Achievement Highlights section is a really useful section that can be used to call out your most impressive and relevant achievements regardless of where they appear in your work history. You could even use this section to call out relevant highlights from volunteer positions or educational accomplishments. For this reason, beyond being a good resume template for experienced professionals following a linear and traditional career path, this resume structure can also be a good choice for career changers or people returning to a career track from earlier in their career.

The design of the Ambitions resume template for MS Word is also formatted to call visual attention to the most important parts of your resume. The shaded Contributions Snapshot boxes, for example, are a popular design strategy that helps to quickly convey the most significant main points of each position.

The muted olive green shades of the entire Ambitions Collection take on a whole new “look and feel” when you change the colors. Just remember to change to an identical color scheme on all the documents in the Collection, to give all your career marketing documents a cohesive, branded look.

Available separately, the Ambitions biography template, references template, and letterhead template are designed to coordinate with our Ambitions Resume template.

Like all our resume templates for MS Word, everything is easily customizable. Just copy and paste to add sections or rename or delete sections to make Ambitions your own.

MS Word is required to use all our templates.

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