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See for yourself how easy our templates are to use and customize. Get a FREE ATS-friendly resume template for Microsoft Word. Modernize your resume to get attention, be competitive, and win the jobs you want!

The unfortunate truth is that most of the free resume templates available on the Internet or even as default templates in Microsoft Word are not ATS friendly and many of them violate resume writing best practices in other ways (such as including space for a headshot on the resume — something that should never be done on a resume for the U.S. job market).

Distinctive Resume Templates have all been designed by an award-winning professional resume writer with more than 25 years of experience. The resume templates are created to be eye-catching and results-generating while also meeting ATS-friendly resume standards. Our resume templates are easy to use and customize and are suitable for professionals at all levels–students to C-suite executives. Most of our collections include coordinating documents such as biography templates and cover letter templates.

We invite you to download our free resume template and see for yourself how easy they are to use to create an attention-getting, job-winning resume. Our resume templates are especially popular with professional resume writers, career coaches, recruiters, and others who work with job seekers. They allow these professionals to do what they do best–write–while providing their clients with cutting-edge, ATS-friendly designs.