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Autumn Peak Template Collection

Creative Resume Templates with Matching Letterhead and Biography Templates Make It Easy To Create a Standout Professional Resume

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Template Details

The Autumn Peak Collection includes one of the more creative resume templates available for executives and professionals who want to make a stellar first impression. While creative, the design of the resume conveys a sophisticated image and includes lots of opportunities to call out your most impressive qualifications and accomplishments. While we have chosen a subtle, autumn-themed color scheme, with just a couple of mouse clicks, the color can be changed easily to match your personal brand and style.

With space for challenge-action-result (CAR) success stories, the Autumn Peak template is a great choice for an experienced professional or executive. We are sometimes asked about the table layout of the CAR stories as tables are often warned against as being incompatible with applicant tracking systems (ATS). While this is not universally true, most modern ATS will be able to handle a simple table such as the tables used in the Autumn Peak resume. If there is a problem as the text is “read” into the ATS, it will likely result in slightly jumbled text. However, this will not negatively impact the keyword optimization of your resume.

As many of our creative resume templates do, the Autumn Peak collection includes some graphic elements. The words in the graphic will not be ATS “readable” but most ATS systems will skip over graphics, ensuring that this resume still qualifies as ATS-friendly.

The Autumn Peak biography and letterhead templates are designed to coordinate with our Autumn Peak resume template. These templates are all very easy to use and customize to make them your own. Professionals and executives do not need to settle for submitting boring, generic-looking resumes. Our creative resume templates are attractive and eye-catching and designed with the discriminating professional in mind.

Microsoft Word is REQUIRED.

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