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Changescape Template Collection

Changescape is One of Several Career Change Resume Template Collections Available for Experienced Professionals Seeking to Make a Midlife Career Change

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Template Details

Career change resumes can be challenging to create, but the Changescape Career Change Resume Template makes it easy.

Making a career change will usually require you to focus on transferable skills and qualifications rather than the chronology of your work history. While appropriate for a wide range of situations, the Changescape Resume Template is especially well suited for this as the “Summary of Differentiating Value” section gives you space to call attention to all your achievements, framed so they draw attention to your transferable skills.  This format puts the emphasis of your resume on the points that you choose to highlight. A more traditionally styled chronological resume, in contrast, places the focus on your most recent work experience, which probably isn’t relevant to your career change.

While similar to what is known as a functionally formatted resume, Changescape would be considered a hybrid or combination resume as it still reserves the entire second page for your work experience. Our Pivot Collection uses a similar style. A resume in this style combines the benefits of both a chronological and functional resume while avoiding the cons associated with a pure functional resume. A purely functional resume would not be ATS-friendly and is not accepted by many recruiters and hiring managers. This hybrid format is a great compromise. Using a career change resume template like Changescape will help you achieve your career change goals faster!

Available separately, the Changescape biography and letterhead templates are designed to coordinate with our Changescape resume template. Using the entire collection will ensure you present a professional and coordinated image with all your career marketing documents.

Microsoft Word is REQUIRED for all our templates.

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