Ambient Entry Resume Template

This one page template can easily be expanded to multiple pages if necessary. The format is well suited to new graduates and entry-level candidates. Microsoft Word is REQUIRED.


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Ambient Entry Coordinating Documents

The Ambient Entry biography and letterhead templates are designed to coordinate with our Ambient Entry resume template. Easily customized to make it your own, this collection is well suited to new graduates and entry-level candidates, but can also be used as an executive brief. Microsoft Word is REQUIRED.

A Multi-Use Resume Template That Can Be Used As Either a Resume for a Younger Professional or for Creating an Executive Brief

This multi-use resume template is unique in that it can be used by younger job seekers who have little professional experience but can also be easily adapted to become an executive brief (a short one-page executive resume that can be used as a complement to a traditional executive resume).

The summary section of this multi-use resume template has been styled in a popular two-column format. If you are concerned about ATS compatibility of your resume, you have probably read that a column format like this is not good to use. In many cases this is true. However, if properly set up a simple table such as the table used to create the columns in this resume template can add to the eye-appeal of your resume while also maintaining ATS compatibility.

The summary section of this resume is one of the key features that make it useful as a multi-use resume template as it includes lots of space to include signature strengths and core competencies, as well as your standout personal brand traits.

What should you include in this section? The first thing to consider is who is your intended reader of the resume and what will be most compelling and appealing to that target. A good way to gather ideas is to review job announcements for positions that are of interest to you. What qualifications are stated as required or desired in these job announcements? You should match these required and desired qualifications with your own qualifications and include statements in your resume that show how you meet these requirements.

In the right column is a space for relevant achievements. Again, when choosing what to include here, think about your target reader. Choose the accomplishments from your background that will be of the greatest interest to that target.

Easily customized to make it your own, the resume is a one-page template that can easily be expanded to multiple pages if necessary. Coordinating biography and letterhead templates are available separately. See all the templates in the collection:

Microsoft Word is REQUIRED.

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