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Fresh Start Resume Template Collection

The Perfect Resume Template Collection for a Graduating Student

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Buy Resume Now | $12
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Template Details

The Fresh Start Template Collection includes the perfect resume template for a graduating student, plus an optional matching biography template and cover letter template.  Graduating students don’t usually have much relevant work experience so they need a resume template with a format designed to call out educational credentials over employment experience.

Some resume templates for graduating students will replace the employment section with internships or volunteer experience. The Fresh Start resume is completely customizable, so don’t hesitate to rename or replace the work experience section if a different section is more relevant in your situation.

While the fresh green colors are eye-catching, the color scheme is easily customized with just the click of a button. In fact, we actually recommend that you change it to a color that is a good match for the industry you are targeting and your personal brand. 

The areas of expertise graphic in this resume template provides a way to call attention to your specialties that will be of relevance to the jobs you are applying for. Just be aware that an ATS will skip any graphic, meaning that the words in it will not be “read” into the ATS with the rest of your resume. For this reason, make sure you repeat any important keywords in the graphic within the body of the resume.

Resume templates for graduating students are often boring and outdated looking. They don’t need to be! With a template such as the Fresh Start template, you will stand out and get the attention of prospective employers in even the most competitive of job markets.

The Fresh Start biography and resume cover letter templates are designed to coordinate with our Fresh Start resume template.

As with all our template collections, MS Word is required and the resume template is designed to be ATS-friendly. 

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