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New Horizons Resume Template Collection

An Eye-Catching Resume Template for Experienced Professionals

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Template Details

The New Horizons Resume Template is a very flexibly formatted resume template for experienced professionals that is eye-catching and structured in a format that is especially good as a resume template for professionals who have testimonials that they wish to showcase in the resume. The format can also be a great choice for career changers.

What are testimonials? Simply put, they are quotes from former bosses, colleagues, employees, customers, etc. that call out and reinforce the brand traits and key value proposition that you are promoting in your resume and other career documents.

To find quotes to include in your resume, look through past performance reviews, reference letters, emails and other correspondence, and even LinkedIn references. You do not need to include the entire quote. Instead, pick out the most impactful parts and use ellipses to fill in the sections you have removed. For credibility, it is best to attribute the quote by including the person’s name, job title, and company affiliation.

Another feature that makes New Horizons a great resume template for experienced professionals is the “Representative Career Accomplishments” section toward the beginning. This is a very effective technique when you have accomplishments from earlier in your career that are relevant to your career goals, but might otherwise get overlooked.

This format as a resume template for experienced professionals would also be effective as a career change resume, as you could use this section to call attention to transferable experiences and accomplishments. It would also be a great choice for experienced professionals who have veered off their primary career track and now wish to return to the path they were on earlier in their career.

The New Horizons resume template is ATS compatible. While it includes several graphical elements, most ATS will just skip these and pull in the text.

Like all our templates, everything, including the color scheme, is easily customizable. The New Horizons resume takes on a whole new “look and feel” when you change the colors.

The New Horizons references dossier, biography template, and letterhead template are designed to coordinate with our New Horizons Resume template.

As with all our template collections, MS Word is required.

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