Midnight Vista Resume Template

This two-page template provides lots of opportunity to include important keywords and key phrases into a professional or executive resume. Microsoft Word is REQUIRED.


Save 10% on Coordinating Templates

Midnight Vista Coordinating Documents

The Midnight Vista biography and letterhead templates are designed to coordinate with our Midnight Vista resume template. As with all our templates, the length, color, fonts, and structure can all be easily customized. Microsoft Word is REQUIRED.

A Powerful Resume Template That Practically Writes Itself

This powerful resume template offers two custom-designed pages that will help you promote and showcase your strengths in a powerful way, ensuring that you stand out, get attention, and win interviews for the jobs you most want.

Yes, as powerful as it is, this resume template is still extremely easy to use and customize to make it your own. Just follow the prompts in the template to insert your own resume content and transform a plain and boring resume into a powerful results generator.

A feature that makes this resume template especially powerful is the way in which it will guide you to include keyword phrases to "categorize" each bulleted accomplishment. Not only does this help you create a keyword-rich resume, which is one of the primary factors when it comes to creating an ATS-friendly resume, it also makes the resume much easier for the recipient to scan and read.

Another powerful feature of this template is the space it provides for a performance testimonial. Nothing is more powerful than social proof, and testimonials of your performance for past employers are very effective in this way. How can you get a testimonial for this space? The easiest way may be to review past references letters or, if you don't have a suitable letter already, simply ask a former boss to write a reference letter from which you can pull an excerpt for your resume. Performance evaluations are another good place to find text that can be quoted as a testimonial.

Available separately, the optional Midnight Vista biography and letterhead templates are designed to coordinate with our Midnight Vista resume template. See all the templates in the collection:

Microsoft Word is REQUIRED. Midnight Vista is part of our money-saving introductory bundle of resume templates.

Easily Change the Color Scheme of All Our Resume Templates

MIdnight Vista Powerful Resume Template Color Choices


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