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If you are searching for the best resume templates available, your search is over. The attractive blue-green color scheme of our Amplify Collection of resume, biography, and letterhead templates gives it a modern and standout appearance that is sure to get attention for experienced professionals.

How can we claim that Amplify is among the best of the best resume templates available? Easy. Not only is Amplify attractive and eye-catching, great resumes start with great content and Amplify will help guide you in providing the content that hiring authorities want. It includes ample space to showcase all of your most impressive accomplishments and uses the very popular technique of using callout boxes to draw the eye to the highlights of each position. Use this space to really showcase the value you added for each employer.

Most resume templates available on the internet were created by designers who actually know very little (if anything) about resume writing. These templates are inflexible and don’t follow modern best practices for resume writing. All of the Distinctive Resume Templates are different, and it is this difference that allows us to state with confidence that they are the best. Designed by an award-winning resume writer with more than 25 years of experience, our templates adhere to all current standards while ensuring that your resume will stand out from the masses.

Also essential: Amplify and all our resume templates are designed to be ATS friendly. ATS-friendly resumes do not need to be plain, generic-looking black and white documents. It is okay to use color and graphics in your resume as long as you know who to do so in ways that will not negatively impact compatibility. Don’t worry if this is confusing. Our Distinctive Resume Templates are ATS friendly and help you stay on track even if you know nothing about ATS compatibility.

The Amplify biography and letterhead templates are designed to coordinate with our Amplify resume template.

Microsoft Word is REQUIRED.