Pure Gold Resume Template

Our two-page Pure Gold Resume Template has a classic layout and elegant appearance that is adaptable for use by any professional or executive. Microsoft Word is REQUIRED.


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Pure Gold Coordinating Documents

The Pure Gold biography and letterhead templates are designed to coordinate with our Pure Gold resume template. The traditional and distinguished collection is well-suited for any professionals. As with all our templates, the length, color, fonts, and structure can all be easily customized. Microsoft Word is REQUIRED.

This Resume Template With a Classic Layout Makes Transforming Your Resume Fast & Easy

This resume template with a classic layout is exceptionally adaptable and flexible and can be used for any experienced professional or executive resume.

The sidebar Key-Value Offerings and Contributions Snapshot boxes give the resume a modern flair while maintaining the classic layout. This is a very popular design technique that draws the readers' eyes to the key points of the resume, making it much easier to read. Most resumes are scanned by the recipient rather than being read in-depth, so it is important to use a layout that makes the content easy to scan.

The create the sidebars in this resume template we have used simple tables. If you are concerned with maintaining the ATS compatibility of your resume, you should never use complex tables to set up the entire resume layout. While complex table layouts don't prevent content from being scanned into an ATS they can jumble the order and organization of your content. However, simple tables like the ones used in this resume are ATS compatible and will maintain the order of your content when entered into an ATS.

To further help with the performance of your resume in an ATS, use the Key-Value Offerings section to include keywords that are important to your industry and profession. Keywords are usually nouns that describe qualifications that would be sought in a candidate for a position similar to your target position. If you need ideas, read job announcements and highlight the skills and qualifications that are outlined as required or desired. These are the keywords that you should include in your resume.

Available separately, the Pure Gold biography and letterhead templates are designed to coordinate with our Pure Gold resume template. See all the templates in the collection:

Pure Gold is included in our Board of Directors bundle of resume temples. Microsoft Word is REQUIRED.

Easily Change the Color Scheme of All Our Resume Templates

Pure Gold Resume Template Color Choices


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