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Ambitscape Resume Template Collection

A Stylish Resume Template & Coordinating Career Documents for MS Word

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Our Ambitscape Collection includes a stylish resume template that is not just colorful and eye-catching but is also designed to be flexible enough for professionals at all levels, from those early in their careers to executives. Many stylish resume templates are not ATS compliant. While the Ambitscape resume template includes some graphical elements, they are included in a way that will not impact most modern ATS systems.

It is a myth that ATS-compliant templates must be plain and boring to look at. Ambitscape is just one of our many modern, stylish resume templates for MS Word that are designed to be attractive to the human reader and compliant with applicant tracking systems. It is okay to use color and even graphics in a resume as long as you understand how to use them and how they will impact ATS compatibility. When you use a Distinctive Resume Template, you won’t need to worry about any of this. Just follow the prompts in the resume.

More importantly, developed by a professional resume writer with 25 years of experience, beyond just being stylish in appearance, the Ambitscape resume template is designed for real-world use following resume development best practices.

Like all our templates, everything, including the color scheme, is easily customizable.  

The Ambitscape biography and resume cover letter templates are designed to be equally stylish and to coordinate with our Ambitscape Resume template. 

As with all our template collections, MS Word is required. Once your new, stylish resume is complete in MS Word, it is easy to convert to a PDF. You will have everything you need for a modern, professional job search.

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