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Career Optics Resume Template

The Career Optics Resume Template offers a simple but flexible one-page format that is a great choice for early-career professionals and also career changers. Microsoft Word is REQUIRED.


Save 10% on Coordinating Templates

Career Optics Coordinating Documents

The Career Optics addendum, references, and resume cover letter templates are designed to coordinate with our Career Optics resume template. The entire collection is flexible and adaptable for use by early-career professionals and career changers. Microsoft Word is REQUIRED.

Flexible Format Resume Template for Early-Career Professionals & Career Changers

If you are an early-career professional, resume templates created for more experienced professionals may be intimidating and hard to use. A resume template for early-career professionals, such as Career Optics is the solution.

The Experience Highlights section of the resume allows space for the early-career professional to draw attention to skills and experience regardless of where that experience was gained. For example, you could use this section to call out relevant experience earned in a volunteer position or in an internship. For a career changer, this section can also be used to focus on transferable skills rather than the chronology of your career.

The space for a testimonial is another strategy that is especially helpful in an early-career resume template. If a former boss, colleague, customer, professor, or anyone else in a position to speak about your professionalism said good things about you, including a quote, can be a powerful technique. Select the quote strategically to help reinforce the skills and qualifications you are promoting in the resume.

The resume takes on a whole new look when you change the colors, which is as easy as a couple of mouse clicks.

Available separately, the Career Optics resume addendum, references, and cover letter template are designed to coordinate with our Career Optics resume template and will help you make an unquestionable positive impression. See all the templates in the collection:

A Resume Addendum is a document that you can use as a complement to your resume. The Career Optics early-career resume template is designed to be a one-page resume that requires you to be very selective about what you include and what you exclude. An addendum can provide the additional space you need to communicate the skills and qualifications that didn’t quite make the cut for the resume but are still relevant. You can submit the addendum along with the resume when you apply for a job or you can use it as a leave-behind for interviews.

Job seekers are almost always asked for professional references and the coordinating Career Optics references dossier gives you an attractive and professional way to provide them. Your references should never be sent with your resume and application. Instead, bring them with you to interviews to leave with the interviewer.

As with all our template collections, MS Word is required.


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