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Future Focus Resume Template Collection

The Perfect Choice as a College Student Resume Template Plus Templates for Your Bio, References & Cover Letters

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Template Details

The Future Focus Resume Template is a very flexibly formatted resume template that is eye-catching and structured in a format that is especially good as a college student resume template or for others who have limited employment experience.

With space to highlight brand traits and major qualifications, plus with its emphasis on education over employment, Future Focus is ideal for graduating college students. This is the difference between most college student resume templates and resume templates for more experienced professionals: the structure that places the emphasis on education over employment.

This college student resume template also includes a qualifications section under Select Highlights. This is a great place to include areas of knowledge and skill that are relevant to the type of work you are targeting. Also, remember that this knowledge doesn’t have to come from employment. Maybe you got it from one of your college courses, maybe you learned in an internship, or maybe you self-taught yourself. It doesn’t really matter where you got the knowledge, just make sure that if you say you have a skill or are knowledgeable in a particular area that it is true. It is very important that you are truthful on your resume.

If you are looking for a college student resume template but have little-to-no work experience, feel free to rename that section and use it instead to include volunteer work or internships. It really doesn’t matter whether you were paid or not. All that matters is that you gained the experience and made contributions to the organization.

But what if you are a graduating college student who doesn’t have any experience, paid or otherwise? You’ll need to think out of the box. Consider creating a resume section that showcases major projects you have done as part of your education. Just make sure they are relevant. Relevance is very important. Don’t just “pad” your college student resume template with details that don’t relate to the type of work you are targeting. Doing this simply dilutes the focus of the resume and annoys the reader. Respect their time.

The Future Focus college student resume template is ATS compatible.

Like all our templates, everything, including the color scheme, is easily customizable. The Future Focus resume takes on a whole new “look and feel” when you change the colors.

The Future Focus references dossier, biography template, and letterhead template are designed to coordinate with our Future Focus Resume template.

As with all our template collections, MS Word is required.

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